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In the interview series Borderless: Conversations on Art, Action, and Justice, emerging and established writers talk with host Chaitali Sen about the power of words and the role of art in reflecting and changing our world.

Past Interviews

November 2019: Varian Johnson, author of The Parker Inheritance and The Great Greene Heist

October 2019: Usha Akella, poet and founder of Matwaala South Asian Diaspora Poets Festival

September 2019: Oscar Cásares, author of Where We Come From and Brownsville 

August 2019: Daisy Hernández, editor of Colonize This! and author of A Cup of Water Under My Bed

July 2019: Raj Patel, writer, activist, and academic, co-author of History of the World in Seven Cheap Things, author of The Value of Nothing, and more

May 2019: Marilyse Figueroa, poet, interviews ire’ne lara silva, author of Cuicacalli: House of Song, Blood Sugar Canto, and more

March 2019: Monica Muñoz Martinez, public historian and author of The Injustice Never Leaves You

January 2019: Lise Ragbir, writer and curator, interviews Deborah Roberts, visual artist

November 2018: Jack Kaulfus, educator and author of Tomorrow or Forever

September 2018: Rinku Sen, racial justice activist and author of The Accidental American and Stir It Up

July 2018: Anis Shivani, novelist, poet, essayist, author of Karachi Raj, Anatolia and Other Stories, and more

May 2018: Natalia Sylvester, novelist, author of Everyone Knows You Go Home and Chasing the Sun

March 2018: Julie Berwald, scientist and author of Spineless: The Science of Jelly Fish and the Art of Growing a Backbone

January 2018: Nikki Luellen, poet and activist