A New Race of Men from Heaven

Winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize for Short Fiction, Sarabande Books, selected by Danielle Evans

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“The stories in A New Race of Men from Heaven move elegantly between the ache of loneliness and the grace of connection, however fleeting.” 
—Danielle Evans, author of The Office of Historical Corrections 


A New Race of Men from Heaven is a stunning and masterful collection. With great insight and compassion, Chaitali Sen explores characters as they negotiate issues of displacement and connection; her vision is wise and expansive.” 
—Karen E. Bender, author of The New Order 

“Chaitali Sen’s beautiful, tender, absorbing stories grapple with minor and major complications in the lives of Indian men, women, and children, traveling across continents in full exploration of the contemporary immigrant experience. Lyrical, nostalgic, tragic, and sometimes understatedly funny, these stories are as heart-wrenching as they are clever, and will resonate with me for a very long time.” 
—Chinelo Okparanta, author of Harry Sylvester Bird 

“A storytelling sword wielded with such precision, virtuosity, and grace that you want the wound. A collection at once magnificent and cold-blooded. Read it.” 
—Shobha Rao, author of Girls Burn Brighter  

“In Chaitali Sen’s profoundly moving short story collection A New Race of Men From Heaven, her dislocated narrators are immigrants and orphans, acute observers or interlopers who find themselves in larger dramas as they try to figure out the right, just way to navigate the contradictions of contemporary life. Sen’s wonderfully engrossing portraits of these tender and unsettling characters told through such elegant and precise prose are a pleasure to read.” 
—Chanelle Benz, author of The Gone Dead  

“A New Race of Men from Heaven is a beautiful and moving story collection that shows us not only what it means to be an immigrant, regardless of where that journey may have started or happens to end, but also holds up a mirror to all the pain and joy that comes with being alive and engaged in the world today. Chaitali Sen knows her characters so intimately, knows what they yearn for, knows what keeps them up at night, knows what they are hiding from those closest to them and even from themselves, knows where they’re most vulnerable, knows where they need healing. She will break your heart in so many ways.” 
—Oscar Cásares, author of Where We Come From 

“These are wonderful stories—Chaitali Sen’s characters are such dear human beings: mysterious and lovable, irritable and alive. Each story is beautiful but together they are even better, about the anxieties and amnesias of our time, how strange and essential we are to each other. Above all they are truly surprising, in the way of life itself.”
—Elizabeth McCracken, author of The Souvenir Museum

“Chaitali Sen’s A New Race of Men from Heaven are more than just stories with wonderful characters and situations: they are revelations into the human spirit and the world in which that spirit lives. Written with utmost elegance, these stories radiate with such brightness that when you put the book down, it’s hard to adjust to the light of the real world. Sen is simply a master.”
—Morgan Talty, author of Night of the Living Rez 

“Chaitali Sen knows how to achieve that miraculous density that only comes from real mastery of the short story form. These stories are singularities: whole lives and selves and minds have been made, breathtakingly, to fit inside them. I felt these characters’ love and yearning in my bones. This is a brilliant collection.” 
—Clare Beams, author of The Illness Lesson 

Starred Review in Kirkus