Statement in Support of Revolution Books

As fascists once again threaten Revolution Books in Berkeley, while our government expands its war on truth, knowledge, and science…

As fascism here and around the world endangers the lives and futures of millions of people…

We who write to connect humanity and inspire empathy, 

to provoke critical thought and debate, 

to record the richness and diversity of human experience and transform it, 

to bring a better world into being through the beauty and power of language…

We stand unequivocally with Revolution Books against repeated assaults that conjure up a legacy of Nazi book burnings. 

We call on everyone with a poetic spirit and hunger for justice to defend this radical and necessary bookstore.

We pledge to resist the horror of a fascist America. Our hearts are with Revolution Books.


Chaitali Sen, author; Sarah Roark, graphic novelist; Moazzam Sheikh, writer and librarian; Anis Shivani, writer; Soniah Kamal, author; Dena Afrasiabi, writer and editor; Rinku Sen, writer; Devi S. Laskar, author; Anita Felicelli, author; Shamala Gallagher, writer; Harriet HarmonAmin Ahmad, writer; Mehnaaz Momen, writer; Gina Apostol, author; Sharbari Zohra Ahmed, author and screenwriter; Mira Jacob, author; Monique Truong, author; Nekitha X, poet and writer; Jonathan Metzl, author and professor; Nayomi Munaweera, writer; Idee Kwak, composer, author, speaker; Laurie Filipelli, author; Hasanthika Sirisena, writer; Natalia Sylvester, author; David I. Orenstein, professor; Marty Goodman, former board member, Transport Workers Local 100 (NY Transit Workers); Saba Waheed, writer; Frances de Pontes Peebles, author; Purvi Shah, poet; Shikha Malaviya, writer and publisher; Sikivu Hutchinson, author; Abe Louise Young, writer and editor; Steven Felicelli, writer; Anya Groner, writer; José Skinner, author; Gary Pak, writer and cultural worker; Nina McConigley, writer; Jack Kaulfus, writer; ire’ne lara silvawriter ; Idra Novey, author; Stacy Elko, artist and writer; Shobha Rao, writer; Shujaat Mirza, poet and art curator; Clare Beams, writer; David Michael Smith, writer and activist; Rachel Richardson, writer